Start Selling SMM Services Like A Pro

  • Payment Gateways Managed by Raja for your clients

  • No need to have your own Payment Gateways

  • Free Access to Raja Help Bot

  • Free 24x7 Support Managed by Raja for your clients

  • Oppurtunity to work with Market Leader

  • No Special Skills Required

  • Last but not least "Unlimitted Earning Potential"

Yuvraj Panel -

A Beginner Friendly Panel For Getting Started With Your SMM Business Journey

SMM Raja Brings To You The Yuvraj Panel From Absolute Beginners in SMM Business.

Most People who want to start their SMM Business Struggle because of poor customer service, orders getting stuck, No proper payment gateway,no real time support for order refunds/cancellations & refills

Free Access to

Payment Gateways

10+ Payment gateways

With yuvraj panel, you can accept payments from your clients, without having any payment gateway

All the payments your clients will do, will be made to SmmRaja's payment gateways and the funds will be credited to your SmmRaja's Account. You may further use or withdraw funds as per your need.

Free Access to

Raja Bot & Support Team

World's first Artificially intelligent panel, which can solve most of your client's requests instantly.

Free Support to your clients from the World's best Support Team.

Yuvraj panel is designed in such a way that the support for your clients can be handled by professionals trained by Raja, so you may focus 100% on marketing and growing your business. Your client details will be in your safe hands, as when a client will create a ticket on your panel, it will reach Raja's support team with your name. So the Raja's team will be answering your queries, but in actuality, the answers will be directly delivered to your client'sinbox vi Raja's designed super intelligent API. You have full control, whether to handle support on your own or let it be handled by highly trained support professionals.

If you have faced these issues before then you have come to the right place looking for answers

Do you want to just focus on Marketing and getting new clients and not deal with complaints of existing clients all the time?

Do you want to get freedom from changing payment gateways every other day?
Do you feel frustrated when your orders get stuck?
Do you feel frustrated when your suppliers don’t issue the refund instantly?
Do you spend days asking for refunds?

Get Yuvraj panel now

Our Advantages

  • User Friendly Smm panel

  • Referral Program

  • Payment Management

  • 24 / 7 Support

  • One click instant Refills

  • Instant Refunds

  • Raja Coins

  • Raja Help Bot

Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps

Competition in the market has increased, there are thousands of panels out there but only 1% make $$$$$ rest are stuck with peanuts.

Everybody is aware about SMM Panels but they lose clients because of two main reasons when they want to scale up their business

Lack of payment Gateways and good support, you can conquer these two major issues with Yuvraj Panel.


Get Yuvraj Panel

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Start Promoting

Finally, start promoting toget good cash


Setup yuvraj

import service with your margin and some payment option

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Business By 1000%+

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You may have your payment processors, but if that's not necessary as on Yuvraj panel, All the payment processors can also be handled by SmmRaja. Your client add funds on your panel, and those funds are directly credited in your SmmRaja's account.

You may withdraw your earnings anytime from your SmmRaja's dashboard.

Its the world's first artificially intelligent smm help bot. it can solve major of issues, like refil/cancel/stuck requests, instantly

No, Its complimentry with the Yuvraj panel.

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